• Tuesday , 28 May 2024

About Us

Ip2pa.com is devoted to growing a community that promote compassion, education, a love for all thing new and old and the need for sharing knowledge with each other.

Ip2pa.com is an informatIonal portal delineating all the benefits of being fully aware of the world around us. We sometimes are so blind to the wealth of information and knowledge that is available to us only if we slow down and start paying attention. In our daily lives we over look the obvious solutions, and resources we have available to assist us because we fail to pay attention to the powerful messages that are sent to us. These messages may be from friends, family, co-workers or complete strangers, all of whom have something valuable to share with us.

We find, that many times by observing and making small changes that we can overcome large hurdles that life creates. We call this our two percent rule about which we will expand upon in our blog. We hope to teach you to make those small changes that will enrich your life, and promote a love for all things new and old, and the desire to share your knowledge with the rest of the community.

Many of our writers are members of your community who stories, experiences ,and voices will provide insight, and speak to universal truths we all share as part of the human race. We hope to make this a better community, nation, and world by coming together and exploring the avenues of knowledge around us.

Life is short and beautiful and there is no time to waste not participating fully in all it has to offer. Please read our stories, and join us on our journey to explore, discuss, and live our lives to their fullest.

Bill Brooks,